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42nd Annual
NAZR 10's Tournament

For one whole day, Flagstaff, Arizona was the center of the galaxy when The 42nd Annual NAZR 10's Tournament descended on the town.  Check out images of the action, click to download any photo.


Rugby is more than a sport. Rugby is a subculture

Basics you should know if you wish to participate in this subculture:

  • The home team is required to host an after match eat and greet (known as the “social”). The away team is required to be good guests. Countless great lifelong friendships have been made at after-match socials between opposing players. Opponents on the pitch and friends off it. Respect for all participants is required.

  • Respect the referee. Only the Captain of a side is allowed to initiate a conversation with the ref. If a referee initiates a conversation with you, the first and last words out of your mouth should be “sir” or “ma’am”. It is a penalty for anyone (player or spectator) to complain or criticize a referee. In fact, if a person is being rude or criticizing even a player(s) that person can be kicked off premises and/or be called for a penalty. It is always a good idea for spectators to yell “tackle low” or “run straight”. 

  • It is considered bad form to over celebrate a score or phenomenal play, as well as to make noise during a kick for post (Conversion or penalty kick).

  • It is always appropriate to be lighthearted, joke and laugh. Everyone wants to win but sports aren’t the end-all be-all of life. Rugby players are tough people and most truly tough people do not have to “act” tough or in a rude manner, making for very friendly socialization at rugby events.

  • Safety is always third in rugby.

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